PHOTO GALLERY: Living Wax Museum at Westwind PHOTO GALLERY: Living Wax Museum at Westwind

By Angela Howard

Did Benjamin Franklin, Billy the Kid and Florence Nightingale, just come to Westwind? Did we see Jesse James, Bendi Erwin and Marco Polo there as well? It appears that we did!

5th Graders in Mrs. Parker’s class have been researching and studying biographies of famous individuals in history. The students created a 3 -5 minute speech about the person of their choice. Later, they dressed up as the famous character that they studied and created a living “Wax Museum” in the library.

After finding great spots where they could pose, classes of all ages came through the library to see these famous characters come to life. Students turned on the “speaker” and listened to each speech one by one. Both groups learned an amazing amount of information about the people of our past.

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