Emergency Services

Wolfforth Fire and EMS   305 Cedar Wolfforth, TX  79382  (806)866-9126

Emergency – Call 911

The mission of this organization shall be to preserve and protect the life, health, and property of any person or persons who should be threatened or endangered for any reason and to promote comprehensive training, teaching and practice of fire prevention and protection as well as the overall improvement of community health and safety.

Engine 5

The Wolfforth Fire Department was established in 1954 and provides fire and rescue services to the city of Wolfforth and an 88 square mile area in southwest Lubbock County, Texas.

Wolfforth EMS was established in 1977 and incorporated into the Wolfforth Fire Department in 2004 as an all-volunteer service. Due to the tremendous growth of the area and the demand on service, the department became full-time paid service on October 1, 2006. Wolfforth EMS is comprised of over 36 members spanning all levels of certification and operates under the South Plains Emergency Medical Services System.

The South Plains Regional Hazardous Materials team is tasked with protecting lives and the environment from hazardous material spills. This team covers the 15 county SPAG (South Plains Association of Governments) area located in the panhandle of Texas. The HAZMAT unit is stationed at the Wolfforth Fire Department and is  staffed and maintained primarily by Wolfforth Fire and EMS.


Emergency Management – Wolfforth Police Department  302 Main Wolfforth, TX  79382 (806)855-4160

Emergency – Call 911

Emergency Warning/Notificationm- Residents may have seen that warning sirens are installed at several locations in our city.  These sirens are not fully operational at this time.  The technology used to activate the sirens is outdated and not reliable. Our staff is currently working with local contractors to find a solution that ensures reliable activation by our personnel in the event of an emergency.  In the event of severe weather, residents should rely on local news, weather radios, mobile apps and other warning devices and products that are available.  We hope to have a solution in the near future to expand our capabilities to warn of threats to our city. In the event that warning sirens are activated, residents should visually survey the elements and tune in to local news and or radio for verification of a possible threat

Storm Shelter Registry – The City of Wolfforth encourages anyone with a storm shelter to register by calling the Emergency Management Coordinator at 806-855-4160 or email the information to stormshelter@wolfforthtx.us. Please provide your name, phone number, email address, shelter address, shelter location (i.e. back yard, front yard, garage, etc…), and shelter type (safe room, in-ground basement). You can register a safe room, storm cellar, in-ground storm shelters, and basements.