Meet This Year’s Harvest Queen Candidates!

This year 14 Frenship High School Seniors are competing for our Annual Harvest Festival Queen Scholarship! These ladies have put in so much work to have their chance to be a part of this long-standing tradition. Besides completing their application and submitting a letter of reference, our candidates also sell raffle tickets. This year’s raffle winner, to be drawn on Saturday at the Harvest Festival, will win $1000!  Queen’s also must submit a short platform essay covering a topic of their choice that is important in their lives.

Last Wednesday, candidates attended our judge’s interviews. Each candidate spent 5 minutes with our judging panel and answered a multiple of questions. Candidates were then scored individually by each judge on their application, platform essay and interview. We will name both our Runner-Up and Harvest Queen at Saturday’s Harvest Festival. Crowning takes place at 10:30am at the stage area just west of Wolfforth City Hall at 302 Main Street.

Here are this year’s Queen Candidates!

Lynsie Craycraft is the daughter of Philip and Becky Craycraft. Lynsie plans to attend college to become a pharmacist and is currently considering the University of Alabama. Lynsie says,”My favorite thing about being a part of the Frenship Community is the togetherness of a small school while getting the opportunities of a big school.”

Amanda Harvey is the daughter of Richard Harvey and Emma Coronado-Harvey. She plans to attend the University of Texas and major in biology to one day attend Veterinarian school to become a small animal vet. Amanda says her favorite thing about this community is the West Texas hospitality. “In Wolfforth/Frenship, people don’t only see you as their neighbor but as family as well. The citizens of the Wolfforth area are always eager to help each other in times of crisis.”

Daisie Eggeling is the daughter of Dusti and Stephanie Eggeling. After graduation, Daisie plans to embark on a journey with the World Race and then attend Texas Tech University. She says that she has always enjoyed the big hearts full of support in this community and loves the people who always show kindness and dedication.

Isabela Hardin is the daughter of Tom and Marisa Hardin. She plans to attend Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2019 to major in kinesiology. Isa then wants to apply to medical school and become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Isa says, “I have been a Tiger every since I can remember. My favorite part of being immersed in this community in the sense of pride and family that we have with each other. Being a part of the Frenship community makes you connected to everyone by one glorious reason…that you’re a Tiger.”

Caroline Kerr is the daughter of Kevin and Dana Kerr. Caroline plans to attend the University of Arkansas to major in Chemistry and one day work in the medical field. She tells us her favorite thing about being a part of the Frenship community is the support and loving groups of students and parents in this community!

Adriana M’kayla Morales is the daughter of Rudy and Melissa Morales and plans to to major in Psychology in college. She says her favorite thing about the Frenship/Wolfforth community is although Frenship has many campuses, it still feels like a close family.

Madison Furman is the daughter of Wade and Terri Lee and Bryan Furman. She plans to attend college and work towards her bachelors degree in Kinesiology. Her dream is to one day be an athletic trainer in the NFL. Madison tells us, “In my opinion, the best part of being apart of the Wolfforth community is having small town values and big city amenities.”

Sydney DeLavan is the daughter of Kate DeLavan and Eddie DeLavan. Sydney plans to attend Texas Tech University to major in Marketing and Advertising. Sydney tells us her favorite thing about the Wolfforth community is that while Frenship has grown, Wolfforth has remained a small town community and it will always be home!

Juliette Fernandez is the daughter of Ginger Romo and Pete Fernandez. She plans to attend A&M University College of Architecture. Juliette tells us, “My favorite thing about the Wolfforth/Frenship community is how motivational everyone is. The ability to be passionate and hardworking is on to admire. This community keeps me working on my goals!”

Holly Glasgow is the daughter of Tina Glasgow and John Glasgow. Holly plans to attend Texas Tech University and major in education. She also hopes to be in the Goin’ Band and a Texas Tech Twirler. Her favorite part of this community is Friday Night Football and twirling with her team. She says that twirling has given her the best memories!

Stephanie Piel is the daughter of Jennifer and Christopher Piel. Stephanie plans to attend Texas Tech University to one day work in the medical field. Stephanie told us her favorite part of this community is the loving atmosphere that makes everyone feel like family.

Kathleen Jurecka, daughter of Joe and Kim Jurecka. Kathleen plans to attend Texas A&M as part of the Honors College and work towards her Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Kathleen says, “Although Wolfforth is a relatively small town, we have some of the greatest innovators and programs preparing students for the future in Texas. I love the great relationship between Frenship and community members.”

Tiffani Seree Sturdivant, daughter of Andrea and Travis Sturdivant. She plans to major in both Biomedical Engineering and Psychology with a minor in Music. Seree says, “ my favorite thing about being a part of the Wolfforth/Frenship community is  that I am able to thrive in an environment that offers so many academic opportunities and that I can express myself through the many fine arts.”

Hailey Johnson, daughter of Travis and Joni Johnson. She plans to study either Forensic Anthropology or Criminal Profiling in college. She says that she loves that Wolfforth maintains its small town identity even though it is so close to Lubbock. It has its own Farmer’s Market and July 5th Celebration and with this identity comes unity.”

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