Team “Pit Bosses” is made up of five Frenship High School students: Elijah Robinson, Brooklyn Fisher, Kaci Wainscott, Conner Christensen, and Joaquin Navarro.

Frenship High School Culinary Arts Teacher and Barbeque Team Coach Michelle Gordon said the team got an early start on Saturday.

“They cook all of the food on their own starting at 5:00 a.m. when they light the pit,” Gordon said. “They turn in food at specific times throughout the day in each of the following categories: dessert, beans, chicken, ribs and brisket.”

Gordon said that even though the “Pit Bosses” did not place, she is extremely proud of the group and their efforts this season.

“We are so very proud of this team and the work they put in,” Gordon said. “Their food was delicious, and we are excited about the chance to come back next year!”

Gordon said that her team was able to practice several times this year and that they had a special guest that helped them along the way.

“The team practiced multiple times this year, on Saturdays, after school and 2 times during the school day,” Gordon said. “They spent lots of time trying to perfect these items and get feedback from others for how we can make it better. With the help of Nathan from Evie Mae’s we were able to feel more confident and comfortable with our team for competition.”

Gordon said that the donated smoker from Evie Mae’s was the icing on the cake of an amazing barbeque season.

“It is really exciting that they got to use their new smoker! We have all learned a lot this year in this competition and with this smoker,” Gordon said. “The three original [Pit Bosses] members have worked so hard from day one trying to perfect their recipes and cooking methods. Two of these students jumped onto the team at the last minute and we love the excitement and energy they brought to the team. We are so proud of all of them for taking on the challenge of barbequing!”