At Frenship there are dozens of staff who have served in our armed forces as well as staff members who have spouses who have served. As a District, we are grateful for their sacrifice and service.

Megan Boone, Willow Bend Music teacher, believes that hosting a Veterans Day Program allows students to better understand the importance of Veterans Day.

“I feel that the Veterans Day Program is vital to our community for us, the Frenship Family, to honor the brave men and women of our armed forces.  This program enables me to teach our students about why we are so blessed to live where we live,” said Boone.

Oak Ridge Music Teacher Elizabeth Stone leads a Veterans Day Program as well and has had the opportunity to share with students the “why” behind the annual performance.

“Our fourth-grade students participate in a Veterans Day music program each year. We use this as an opportunity to connect with Veterans in our community, facilitate conversations about the importance of Veterans Day, and provide our students leadership and service opportunities through performance,” said Stone.

These fourth graders even learned more about their own family history preparing for the program.

“When discussing what a Veteran was with our fourth-grade students, most students found they had a family member who was a Veteran, and all our students knew a Veteran,” said Stone. “We were able to discuss the freedoms these brave individuals fought for and the ways we can honor them.”

Frenship Middle School hosted their annual Thanksgiving lunch this week and set out a memorial table honoring Veterans. It is known as America’s White Table, a spot honoring men and women who served in America’s Armed Forces. There are symbolic items and a lone chair in honor of those who have fallen in the line of duty, are missing in action, or are prisoners of war.