Meet Your Harvest Festival Queen Candidates

This year 13 Frenship High School Seniors are competing for our Annual Harvest Festival Queen Scholarship! These ladies have put in so much work to have their chance to be a part of this long-standing tradition. Besides completing their application and submitting a letter of reference, our candidates also sell raffle tickets. This year’s raffle winner, to be drawn on Saturday at the Harvest Festival, will win $1650!  This is our largest prize yet! Queen’s also must submit a short platform essay covering a topic of their choice that is important in their lives.

This past Wednesday, candidates attended our judge’s interviews. Each candidate spent 5 minutes with our judging panel and answered a multiple of questions. Candidates are then scored individually by each judge on their application, platform essay and interview. We will name both our Runner-Up and Harvest Queen at Saturday’s Harvest Festival. Crowning takes place at 10:30am at the stage area just west of Wolfforth City Hall at 302 Main Street.

Here are this year’s Queen Candidate!


Stephanie Boston, daughter of Steven Boston and Terri Ward. Stephanie plans to attend Texas Tech University to major in Biology and eventually attend medical or dental school. Stephanie says, “ Growing up in the Wolfforth community has given me the opportunity to make lifelong friends and get to be involved in numerous church and school activities with those friends.”


Nanette Delora, daughter of Jeanette and Nathaniel Delora, She plans to attend Texas Tech University to major in pre-pharmacy. Nanette says, “ Ever since 1st grade, I always have been and will be a Frenship Tiger. Growing up, the Frenship community has always been a very active community making it simple to become involved and become apart of the family.


Addison Delorimier, daughter of Phil and Danielle Delorimier plans to attend Texas Tech University and major in finance. Her favorite thing about the Wolfforth/Frenship Community is the small hometown feel. She loves Friday night football games and looking into the stands to see so many students and the community as well!


Hannah Franklin, daughter of Curtis and Redina Franklin. Hannah plans to major in either Broadcast journalism or public relations for a future career in communications. Hannah says that Frenship High School is a big school, and one she will be proud to graduate from, with a small community feel. People at Frenship get to know you in a personal, genuine way.


McCaleb Hart, daughter of Marlon and Jeri Hart plans to attend Texas Tech to double major in Sports Management and marketing. Her favorite thing about the community is how everyone comes together on Friday nights to support the Frenship football team. She also loves how her home, school and church are all in the same small town yet she had the opportunities of a large high school.


Mary Hodges, daughter of Jason Hodges and Amy Hodges plans to pursue a career as a Marriage and Family Counselors and attend Texas Tech University. Her favorite thing about the Wolfforth and Frenship community is the close ties she has to friends and family. She appreciates this close-knit and safe community.

Sumer Martinez, daughter of Danny and Cindy Abbott, plans to attend Texas Tech University. Sumer says, “The number one thing I love about the Wolfforth community is the large amount of support I have been able to experience as a student here at Frenship.”


Ashlinn Peters, daughter of Tiffany and Adolf Peters plans to major in education at Corpus Christi A&M to one day be an Art or Statistics professor. She loves how close the Wolfforth and Frenship community is.


Destiny Puryear, daughter of Rich and Pam Puryear plans to attend Lubbock Christian University to study business. She says everyone in the Wolfforth/Frenship community is so connected and it feels like a big family. Destiny says it is a wonderful place to grow up and it has taught her that life is better when you surround yourself with caring and supportive people.


Lauren Shepherd, daughter of Melanie Shepherd and David Shepherd, plans to attend the University of Texas to pursue her dream of becoming a pediatrician. Lauren says her favorite thing about the Wolfforth/Frenship community are the close-knit relationships we have and the strong sense of community as a family.


Molly Smith, daughter of Brent and Dawn Smith, plans to attend Texas A&M University to pursue a career in either mechanical or biomedical engineering. Molly says that we are a community with an emphasis on family and unity despite our size. She loves that we are Frenship Tigers starting in Kindergarten and that our organizations strive to also make a difference outside our community.


Kendal Snuggs, daughter of Jeff and Trina Snuggs, plans to pursue a career as a psychologist or therapist and one day obtain her PhD. Kendal says her favorite thing about our community is the close-knit relationships and constant support shown to everyone no matter their background. She loves being a part of the Frenship family.


Jordyn Wainscott, daughter of Mathew and Alisa Wainscott, is applying to Trinity University in San Antonio, Rice University in Houston and some other ivy league schools. Jordyn loves our small size and inherent unity whether it be at football games, tennis matches, or theater performances. Everyone is supported in various endeavors by the community.


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