The showcase was in conjunction with other fine arts departments like choir performances, band performances and dance performances. The art was available for attendees to see at each different performance.

Frenship High School Art Teacher and Visual Arts Coordinator Joey MacClean said the showcase displayed many different types of art.

“There is a little bit of everything,” MacLean said. “Secondary and Art I does a lot of different types of media and different types of things, same with elementary, so there is a wide range of things to look at.”

MacLean said that this year’s showcase has been even more special and important for the kids.

“The kids always love seeing their artwork, and anytime we can get parent involvement, it’s a good thing,” MacLean said. “For me it feels a little bit like we are back to normal, even though it is scaled down from what we usually do, it is still really nice to get art up and have people come in and look at it.”

Heritage Middle School Art Teacher Lori Gonzales said she loved seeing the families and excitement at the event.

“Parents are so proud, and the kids are so excited to see their own artwork hanging up there,” Gonzales said. “I love to see the high school students that I’ve had in the past and the elementary students that I will have in the future.”

Gonzales said this event is a huge confidence booster for her students.

“Sometimes this is their number one subject, and this is what they are best at,” Gonzales said. “This event gives them something to be proud of and gives them something to brag about.”

MacLean explained that the showcase is something that he believes exposes the many talents of Frenship.

“It’s exciting for them and it helps build our art programs for the future because other kids see what is possible and this motivates them to explore what they can do,” MacLean said.  “It is always exciting to see the reaction of other people and it reinforces the work we are doing.”

MacLean said the showcase will be up an available to view at the Performing Arts Center for the rest of next week.