Frenship Bilingual Coordinator Senon Cruz said the program is also a great opportunity to celebrate the Dual Language program.

“The purpose of the celebration is to celebrate the success of all students and to send off our fifth grade Dual Language students to middle school,” Cruz said. “Especially all those students who started in Pre-K and stayed in our program throughout their elementary schooling.”

Cruz said attendees saw 125 Dual Language students singing, dancing, reciting poems, playing instrumental guitar tunes, and much more.

“This celebration serves as an acknowledgement of these student’s bilingualism by the district,” Cruz said. “Also, the commitment the district has for our Dual Language program. It was a breath of fresh air to see students not only embrace performing live, but for our parents to be receptive that their students needed to be back and interacting with classmates at school face to face.”

Cruz said at the end of the program, fifth grade students received something special.


“Fifth graders were recognized with a certificate of completion for their elementary dual language schooling,” Cruz said. “Now they are off to continue their journey to achieve their biliteracy seal.”

Students receive their biliteracy seal when they graduate from Frenship High School as members of the Frenship Dual Language program.

Cruz said he is excited to witness Frenship Dual Language program history in 2022.

“Moving forward, as a district we are looking forward to seeing our first cohort of Dual Language students graduate next year,” Cruz said.