Heritage Middle School Gets a Visit from Man’s Best Friend Heritage Middle School Gets a Visit from Man’s Best Friend

The South Plains Obedience Training Club and their furry companions visited Heritage Middle School last week as part of a study on the book My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen. As a connection to the book, the club gave a presentation about their dogs and showed students how they navigate an agility course, do obedience training and serve as therapy dogs to people in hospitals.

“I loved all of it!” said Lila Devenport, sixth grade student. “Especially when they showed us how they go through the course.”

Sarah Wilson, sixth grade ELAR teacher at HMS and member of the South Plains Obedience Training Club, had the idea to invite the dogs to their campus after reading the book. My Life in Dog Years is a collection of portraits of special dogs that the author spent time with over the years.

Wilson’s own dog, Cotton, was a part of the presentation.

“I do agility and obedience training with my dog,” said Wilson. “We’ve been in the club for several years and Cotton now serves as a therapy dog too.”

“I love seeing how excited the students get to see the dogs and seeing them make the connection with the book,” said Wilson. “This offers students something different than their normal school day.”

Members of the club explained how the agility, obedience and therapy training works, as well as the differences in the breeds of dogs they brought. All sixth graders got the enjoy the presentation and left with a stronger connection to the book.

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