Westwind Kindergarten Students Learn All About Butterflies Westwind Kindergarten Students Learn All About Butterflies

By Angela Howard

Mrs. Kaldenberg and Mrs. Ackerman’s classes have been studying life cycles. As a part of this life cycle study, students have been watching caterpillars turn into chrysalis and then emerging from their chrysalis as butterflies.

They enjoyed watching the butterflies in their classroom for a while, but knew that they would need to release them into the wild. When the day came to release the butterflies, the students were excited. They planned to release them right after specials classes; but when they returned from specials classes, the butterflies were gone. There was a note and a box with six locks on it left in their place. The note said that if the students want to find their butterflies to set them free, they have to break out of this box.

Students found clues to open each of the six locks. Each clue had something to do with putting the life cycle in order. When they had solved all the clues and opened all the locks, they were able to find their butterflies, take them outside and set them free.

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