Young Entrepreneurs Named FISD Business Kids of the Year

Frenship ISD sends out a big congratulations to 5th grade students Rebekkah Kuhn from Westwind Elementary and Jacob Culpepper from Crestview Elementary for their selection as the winners of the 2015 FISD Business Kid of the Year Awards sponsored by the Frenship High School DECA organization.

All Frenship 5th grade students were eligible to participate in the Business Kid of the Year competition where they had to plan and organize an original business idea. As part of the design, students had to develop an innovative business plan that illustrated creativity, problem solving skills and understanding of business concepts.

Kuhn’s idea was titled “Picky Eater’s Palace,” a food truck for FISD schools that promotes healthy snacks and food.

Culpepper’s idea was titled “Frenship to Go,” a mobile app that allows the user to purchase tickets, concession stand food and merchandise all from their device.

IMG_0068Kuhn and Culpepper were both recognized at the FISD Board of Trustees meeting on November 16 where they each received an I-pad mini personal tablet donated by the Texas Tech College of Media and Communications.

The Frenship High DECA organization received over 65 entries from FISD’s seven elementary schools for the FISD Business Kid of the Year Competition. Along with winners Kuhn and Culpepper, DECA narrowed the entries to the top 10 student finalists listed below:

Shanayla Clayborne, Crestview – “Longer Wipe” extended windshield wipers

Drew Dickey, Bennett – “Triple D. Donuts” donut delivery

Adison Elrod, Crestview – “Fast Track” GPS tracking device for kids, pets and the elderly

Laney Kimball, Bennett – “Furr Less” quality pet products

Taft McClure, Crestview – “Taft’s Tiles” aquatic art

Tyarr Phillips, North Ridge – “T’s Software Company”

Lorina Tomasini, Westwind – “Bakery, Barkery and Café” bakery experience for students and pets

Chandler Wilson, Bennett – “Chandler’s Bake and Shake”