“You will never regret being kind.” That was the message that Frenship High School Student Council was determined to get across when they organized one full week of kindness. Monday through Friday, kindness week was devoted to practicing being kind throughout the school. They focused on interactions between student to student, student to teacher, teacher to teacher, and teacher to student.

The initiative began with an idea from Student Council and grew into a project put on by multiple departments. Cheer, POM, bell crew, DECA, NHS and Theatre all jumped in on the fun and sponsored a door-greeting day. Each day a different organization stood at the entrances of the school to welcome students. One day there were free donuts and another there were suckers reminding everyone to be sweet.

The students of Frenship HS were challenged each day through a text message from the student council. One day the challenge was to send a message to 3 people saying, “You are loved! Your efforts are valued and appreciated!”

Courtney Ferguson, Student Council sponsor, said she and her students like to think that people don’t have to be told to be kind, they simply have to be reminded.

“Kindness can be awkward, both receiving it and giving it,” Ferguson said. “We need to give people the courage, safe space, and vocabulary to reach out and be kind to others. If our school is a kind place, it will make showing up every day to classes that much more fun! It is also a great reason to reach out to those you love and care about and just take time to remind them that they are important to you. Sometimes life gets busy and these things tend to be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Kindness week gives you a reason to stop and remember to be kind.”

Journey Pacheco, a Student Council member, said “I love how it brought students together. Students who would have never made connections otherwise were able to unite and share kindness.”