Wolfforth Fire Department Achieves ISO Class 2 Rating

The Texas Department of Insurance and the State Fire Marshal’s Office recently renewed the designation of ISO Class 2 to the City of Wolfforth. A countrywide classification system is used by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) to reflect a community’s local fire protection for property insurance rating purposes. The ISO classifies communities on a scale from 1 (the best) to 10 (the worst) based on how well they score on the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. This schedule grades such features as water distribution, fire department equipment and manpower and fire alarm facilities. So how does this rating effect you? Homeowners’ insurance rates are mainly driven by claims history in the area but the PPC rating is also used to determine premiums. According the the Texas Department of Insurance website at www.tdi.texas.gov, “The premium on a brick veneer house is 39 percent higher in an area rated 10 (worst) than in one rated 1 (best). (This range is even greater for frame houses.) A brick veneer home’s rate difference from one class to the next ranges from 1.5 percent to 9 percent.” Wolfforth’s rating of ISO Class 2 can mean big savings for you on your homeowners insurance. Congratulations to the Wolfforth Fire Department on achieving the Class 2 rating once again.