Wolfforth enacts Stage 2 Water Restrictions

Wolfforth, TX  August 8, 2016 – City of Wolfforth Public Works Director Doug Hutcheson has enacted Stage 2 Water Restrictions for the City of Wolfforth until further notice. Hutcheson stated that due to the lack of rain and a limitation on certain city wells being available for production because the City’s Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) Treatment Plant is not yet online, the City will move to Stage 2 Restrictions. Hutcheson also noted that city wells have been producing at over 1 millions gallons per day for most of July and August which is the highest level since drought conditions of several years ago.

Under Stage 2 Restrictions, mandatory irrigation limitations are in place and overflow/runoff violations will be subject to fines.

Contact City Hall at 806-855-4120 to receive information about your allowed irrigation schedule or view the calendar at here.