Wolfforth Emergency Management Prepares for Bad Weather

The Wolfforth Emergency Operations team met Wednesday, December 23 to discuss plans for the weather event that is being forecast for Saturday and will last into the first of the week. If you live in a neighborhood that has an alley entry, please make plans to not have your vehicle trapped by deep drifts. The City is limited in the equipment and manpower we have to clear alleys. Most of this equipment will be employed to the major roads. Also remember to turn your sprinkler systems off.

Plans have been made to establish an Emergency Ops Center (EOC) if need be. If you have issues call the Wolfforth Police Department at (806)855-4160, and if it’s off hours, or City Hall is closed due to snow, follow the prompts to Lubbock County Sheriff’s dispatch.

In the event that power is out completely for an extended period, a mobile command will be set up outside Wolfforth City Hall at 302 Main Street. We will also utilize the Community Training Center located at 502 5th Street as a warming station if necessary.
Be safe and have a Merry Christmas!