Willows for Willow Bend

willowsforwillowbednDonations from students, teachers and families from Willow Bend Elementary, North Ridge Elementary and Terra Vista Middle School purchased multiple Weeping Willow, Desert Willow, Chinese Pistache & Vitex trees for the school’s “Willows for Willow Bend” Eagle Scout Project. Approximately 30 volunteers from Troop 505, Troop 575, Willow Bend Elementary and Frenship High School planted a total of 26 new trees around Willow Bend’s campus on Saturday, March 19th in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Willow Bend opening its doors.

Volunteers expressed their enthusiasm in planting trees for the school—especially those for which the school is named—and are excited to watch them all grow and mature. These shade trees will one day become a beautiful “welcome” for those who attend Willow Bend school.


Special thanks to:

Superintendent Dr. Michelle McCord, FISD, Dr. LeAnn Fisher, and Derek Cobb for their approval and support of the entire project, United Rental and Century Trailer Company, Inc. for providing the use of their equipment, King’s Nursery for their generous support of this project, the many donors who invested their resources in this legacy-building project and Gina Sims for her investment of time, advice, and communication.