Willow Bend Welcomes Students, Parents to Annual Dual-Language Celebration

Dual-language students from all grades at Willow Bend Elementary welcomed their parents as they ate, showcased artwork and performed traditional Hispanic dances for the campus’ end-of-year celebration.

WB-Bilingual-Celebration-357Last Thursday (April 27), Frenship’s Willow Bend Elementary welcomed dual-language students, their families and staff to come together to show support for students Pre-K through fifth grade to enjoy an evening filled with food, performances and comradery.

The dual-language program at Willow Bend is a rigorous program intended to help students with second language acquisition and their journey to bi-literacy.

The annual Dual-Language Celebration gives students an opportunity to showcase their hard work to everyone who helps make Willow Bend’s program a success. The evening allows both new and established dual-language families to get acquainted and start new relationships with each other as their children go through the dual-language program at Willow Bend year to year.

WB-Bilingual-Celebration-211Students were dressed up in traditional Hispanic attire, spoke in Spanish and showed off their work and dancing skills they’ve learned from the past year.

Fifth grade students also received certificates of completion for the dual-language program, and the teachers even performed a skit as well.