Willow Bend P.E. Coach, Elisa Gonzales, is helping change lives both on and off campus. Her second job as a Senior Program Director for the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) has recognized her morale by honoring her with the first ever Integrity award.
The award was given to the person who demonstrated the values of the organization and conducted business in a manner that was honest and forthright. They had to demonstrate exceptional responsibility and strive to do their job in the most ethical and trustworthy way possible.
“I still do not know who nominated me,” Gonzales said, “but I was surprised when they called my name, and for the integrity award at that! I was very honored to receive this because when you hear the word integrity to describe a person, you think of an honest and trustworthy person.”
Some of the comments from her nomination form said things like, “She works tirelessly to support the many children and families that rely on the YWCA,” and “She could truly assume the direction of the entire operation if called on to do so.”
“Someone thought of me,” said Gonzales. “It’s reassuring to be reminded that I am doing my job to the best of my abilities and to see that someone else noticed that too.”
Gonzales said she loves both of her jobs, and she works hard at both of them every single day.
Congratulations Ms. Gonzales!