Willow Bend Brings Awareness to Alopecia

DSC_0068Students at Willow Bend Elementary have recently brought to light a topic that many are unfamiliar with, alopecia. Alopecia is an auto immune disease that is NON contagious, but causes hair loss in those that have the disease. Willow Bend students wanted to make the entire school aware of this condition as one of their own 3rd graders was recently diagnosed with alopecia.

Back in late March Jeff Woytovich, an advocate for the Children’s Alopecia Project (C.A.P.), spoke to the students about “differences” and how we are all different yet the same. Mr. Woytovich does not charge for his speaking appearances, but the students of Willow Bend wanted to raise money for C.A.P. and to continue to raise awareness for the disease.

The Willow Bend Student Council rallied together to raise awareness of children’s alopecia by making posters that were displayed throughout the school and by allowing all students to wear funny hats for $1 on a Friday before their guest speaker arrived. A big congratulations goes out to the students of Willow Bend for raising over $220 for C.A.P. and for making us all more aware of alopecia.