Which Habitat Would You Thrive in at Willow Bend?

DSC00423Students in Mrs. Price’s second grade classroom at Willow Bend Elementary have been learning about plant and animal adaptations. The students have taught all about the many factors in the environment that effect the growth and behaviors of living things.  To show what they have learned, students were asked to make animal habitats that included at least three plants and three animals that have adapted to their environment to fulfill their daily needs.

2015-05-06 12.30.57Habitats that were included in the student’s studies were: the Arctic, Ocean, Desert and Rainforest. Once it was time to start constructing students brought shoe boxes and objects from home to create their assigned habitat.  Teams worked for three days to vividly create and label each environment and what the animals and plants were doing to get their needs met and continue thriving.

Now that all the assignments are complete, the intricate habitats are on display in the Willow Bend library for everyone to enjoy and learn!