What’s All The Buzz About At North Ridge?

IMG_6313With temperatures changing more insects are starting to appear all over town and North Ridge has been infested… with some of the cutest bugs you’ve ever seen! The Second Grade class has been learning all about the life cycle of insects as well as the different parts insects are made of!

There has been a lot of emphasis on the characteristics of an insect for these students during their recent lessons such as: how insects have three body parts, two antennae, six legs, and some even have wings. After the students spent time learning about various insects they were asked to create their own species of insect. The students were instructed to use a one gallon milk or water jug to construct their insect, but this project was also meant to be worked on with their family so the students could educate their loved ones about all they have been learning. These kids really went above and bee-yond.