Westwind Students Talk Turkey

IMG_1359Before the Thanksgiving Break, students in Mrs. Hinder’s 2nd grade class and Mrs. Winters and Mrs. Rundell’s 3rd grade classrooms read books about Thanksgiving and discussed ways that they could save the Turkey from being eaten for the Thanksgiving meal.

The students were given a blank copy of a turkey body and told to disguise the turkey so that he/she could make it safely past Thanksgiving without being eaten!  This was a take home project that involved the entire family getting involve and being creative!  The students had one week to complete their turkey and return it to school.  The students also had to make the turkey speak as if he/she was NOT a turkey but a _______________.

The dialog that the students wrote was GREAT!  The teachers had turkeys return as Santa, Tony Romo, a Texas Tech Cheerleader, characters from Harry Potter and so much more!

IMG_0312Mrs. Rundell’s classroom even experienced this project with a 3rd Grade classroom from Virginia via their interactive television!  Each class took turns sharing 2 student’s work then watching the other present.

After all students had presented, the teacher from Virginia had a great presentation about her state and the class learned many new facts and historical events that took place in Virginia.  In return, Mrs. Rundell’s class shared a little bit about our city as well- even included Buddy Holly!  This was an event that was packed full of education and fun wrapped up together for a great beginning to our Thanksgiving holiday!