Westwind Students “Spooktacular” Lesson


Mr. RundellWestwind Elementary students in Mrs. Lesley Rundell’s third grade class had a special guest come to teach them how to carve a pumpkin, as well as the proper safety measures to take when carving.

Each student had the opportunity to scoop the seeds and “guts” of the pumpkin and then were instructed to note the way it felt, smelled and looked!  Then the students got to paint a Halloween or fall picture on their very own pumpkin.

PUMPKINSIt was such a fun and exciting activity that several parents came and assisted the students with their painting! After clean up was finished the pumpkins were set aside to dry and special guest Mr. Rundell placed a candle inside the carved pumpkin he used during his demonstration. The lights were turned off so everyone could enjoy the spider coming out of its web. This was such a neat part of the lesson!

SpiderThe demonstration turned into a fun brainstorming activity that will help with a writing assignment later in the week.

Their brainstorming session indicated that everyone used their sense of touch, smell and sight when handling the pumpkins. The class came up with many wonderful adjectives that described what they had just experienced during this fun day of learning!