Westwind Students Learn that Character Counts

By Angela Howard

Westwind Elementary students are studying the six pillars of character which include trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship and fairness.

Last week, their focus turned specifically to the character trait of fairness. Students in Mrs. Fassauer’s room played board games, worked puzzles, built with Legos and more in order to create opportunities to show what they have learned about fairness.

In Fassauer’s study, fairness was defined as:

  • Fairness is giving everyone a turn.
  • Fairness is not throwing things and being angry when I don’t win.
  • Fairness is letting everyone share the Legos and not taking Legos from someone else’s pile or creation.
  • Fairness is letting everyone have a chance to put the puzzle pieces on the puzzle.
  • Fairness is impartial treatment – treating all friends in the room with the same kindness.
  • Fairness and respect went hand in hand when one student built a drive through restaurant out of Legos. The other students were in awe. They did not get jealous or take any pieces off her creation.

While learning about fairness, Mrs. Fassauer also brought in aspects of trustworthiness. The students modeled being trustworthy people and learning to trust other people as well.

Mrs. Fassauer is teaching students that having good character is a major part of the Frenship Way!