Westwind Students Describe What Mom Is in Preparation for Mother’s Day

DSC_0326-EDITFourth graders in Mrs. Teague’s class at Westwind Elementary have recently been studying figurative language. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, she thought of a really fun assignment for the students to incorporate their lesson just for mom.

For three days the students discussed similes and metaphors and then they were instructed to select which one they preferred to use to describe their mom. The real goal behind the assignment was for the kids to focus on all things mom does on a daily basis. Also, for each of them to be able to see how fun and easy it can be to add a little spice to their writings with similes and metaphors.

“I was giddy seeing their writings as they worked,” said Teague. “One talked about their mother being like Mr. Incredible, another like a busy bee. They are seeing all the things mothers really are or strive to be every day.”

DSC_0329The projects are displayed in the 4th grade hallway of Westwind Elementary on a bulletin board with the title of “My Mom is…”. Each student will take their writings home this week to give to mom for Mother’s Day as a special surprise.

“I hope each mom that receives this project for Mother’s Day laughs and cries while reading their child’s hard work they created for them,” Teague added.