Westwind On Air

switcherStudents at Westwind Elementary are getting a jump start in learning about broadcast journalism. Each morning at 7:35 Westwind hosts their KPAW News program on channel 99 right on campus. The program is produced by 4th graders at Westwind Elementary and the on air personalities are made up of Westwind 5th graders.The daily broadcast lasts about 10 minutes each day with a a breakdown of that morning’s announcements, a segment on curriculum, interviews of various students and staff as well as a daily forecast. Students not only learn how to properly operate the cameras and teleprompters, but they even get to practice using a green screen with graphics.

This year Westwind has even more news to cover as they are celebrating their 20th year as a campus of Frenship ISD. Tune in for all the latest happenings at Westwind Elementary and learn a little more about what they’ve accomplished in their 20 years.