Westwind Hosts Health, Physical Education Week

The week is dedicated to teaching elementary students about living healthy lives through exercise, nutrition, mental health and more.

Students at Westwind Elementary kicked off Health and P.E. Week Monday (Nov. 7) to learn about living a healthy life through exercise, nutrition, mental health and taking care of their physical bodies.

Every day this week has a different theme, including:

  • Hygiene health (Monday)
  • Fitness day (Tuesday)
  • Healthy meals (Wednesday)
  • Health fair (Thursday)
  • Dance-a-thon (Friday)

Qualimetra Chapman, Westwind’s school counselor, said Health and P.E. Week is to equip students with tools for a healthy lifestyle.

westwind-health-week-6“We want to encourage healthy kids holistically, so we thought taking out a week to discuss healthy lifestyles would be an impactful way to get students motivated to take care of their bodies,” she said. “It is much easier to maintain health than trying to recover from poor health choices. Our goal is to be proactive, and we are thrilled to have presenters and vendors this week as well as topping the week off with a dance-a-thon for our students.”

During the health fair on Thursday (Nov. 10), parents are invited to attend with their children to visit a variety of vendors in the community.