Westwind Fourth Graders Create Print Media

Fourth graders in Lesley Rundell’s writing classes are taking on a new project this year.

Students have been tasked with creating a monthly newspaper for Westwind Elementary. The students will be collecting data, taking notes, and producing their own articles using journalism skills. The school has even set aside a newly minted “press room” complete with laptops, group stations, and storyboards.

The inspiration for new print project was drawn from Rundell’s summer externship with Fox34 News.

“I learned so much about the newswriting process during my externship. I had the opportunity to research stories and write a script for the news anchors. It was such a neat experience, and I knew I wanted to implement this with my 4th graders and help them live some of that excitement,” said Rundell.

Frenship ISD Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Keith Patrick coordinated the summer externship program.

“Frenship ISD is excited to see teachers bring their experiences back to their students. The summer externships were designed to connect the community to the classroom, and Mrs. Rundell’s project is a perfect example,” said Patrick.