Westwind Elementary: “Where Dreams Begin”

By Angela Howard

“Westwind Elementary: Where Dreams Begin.” That is the theme for Westwind for this year. Our biggest dreamers are our students. Students dream of becoming a ballerina, a race car driver, a doctor, a mechanic, etc. Over the last several weeks, many students have set their sights and dreamed of becoming Student Council Officers and Representatives. They started dreaming of ways they could help make Westwind and our community a better place.

And what a run it has been. The campaign began a few weeks ago with candidates preparing posters in order to persuade other students to vote for them. This has been the talk of the school. The candidates sweated over speeches they presented to the entire Fourth and Fifth Grade student body. Each speech introduced the person running for office but also included ideas for service projects not only to benefit the school but also to benefit others in our community and beyond our community.

Of course, along with the speeches came campaign slogans. One student promised she would “bend over backwards” to do the best job she could. Then she literally bent over backwards with her gymnastic backbend. One student promised to “Go to bat” for the student voice to be heard while another student running for historian brought a large cardboard camera and came out to music promising to “make a whole lot of history”. The last student to speak ended his fabulous speech by putting on a mustache and saying, “I mustache you to vote for me”. Many other incredible speeches were given making it even more difficult for students to choose whom to vote for.

The real struggle for many came when most of the candidates were close friends with voters. When asked whom they should chose since they were all good friends, this advice was given: “Choose the person who will represent your school the best and will do the best job in that area.”

Voting began Friday morning at 8:30 after the Lubbock County Election Office had set up real voting booths in the Media Center. The election was run exactly like any other city, state, or government election. Students names were marked off the list. They were given a special code. They voted on the official voting iPads. And they received their “I Voted” or “He Votado Hoy” stickers. The votes were tabulated. And the waiting game began.

Students anxiously awaited the results which were revealed at the end of the day.

The Student Council Officers are as follows:

President: Broxton Varnell
At Large: Jade Renteria

Vice President: Alexis Franco
At Large: Mason Slover

Secretary: Matthew Barraza
At Large: Alexa Cisneros

Treasurer: Melody Martinez
At Large: Adrian Banda

Historian: Ella Ackerman
At Large: Summer Patterson

4th Grade Representatives include:

Class #1: Jordan Garcia and runner up, Aidan Wardlaw
Class #2: Yahya Koksal and runner up, Payton Turner
Class #3: Mariah Martinez and runner up, Alina Villanueva
Class #4: Laila Cook and runner up, Darselle Brooks

All these people started with a dream and worked to make their dream a reality. Check out photos from the campaign speeches and voting below!