Westwind “Community Helpers” Study Leads to Unexpected Visitor

Westwind Kindergarteners are currently studying Kindergarten “Community Helpers”.  As they study, they are creating pictures of what they want to be when they grow up.

Two of the kindergarteners depicted themselves as officers of the law in their artwork. When the Westwind policeman Officer Garza walked by, he was asked to take a picture with the two students.

He noticed that the one student was insistent that his picture was a highway patrolman, and that the student made details on his picture to reflect that. Instead of dismissing the information, Officer Garza called a friend and colleague who is a Texas Highway Patrol Officer.

Asher Miller was overjoyed when Texas Highway Patrol Officer Serna paid him a surprise visit.

“I want to be a patrolman when I grow up so I can protect people like my family!” said Miller.

“It was so kind of Officer Garza to go out of his way to arrange that, and also for the highway patrol officer to go out of his way to come here,” said Westward Media Specialist Angela Howard.