Upland Heights Teaches Kindness Through Collaborative Project

Both students and teachers worked to create an art project that focuses on being kind to one another.

UH-Wings-Project-4At the beginning of the new spring semester, Frenship’s Upland Heights Elementary made a campus-wide goal to be kind to one another.

To achieve this goal, all of the students and teachers collaborated together to create an art project entitled “What Makes Your Heart Soar” after Cristy Jeter, an art teacher at Upland Heights, spoke about kindness and about identifying what makes a person’s heart feel good so they can make others’ feel the same way.

The piece they created was a large set of wings with a wide-array of feathers made by all of the teachers and students. The inspiration for the project was street artist Kelsey Montague and her installations called “What Lifts You.”

Each grade level were given different kinds of feathers — ones with different colors, textures and patterns — and the teachers were given blank feathers to write encouraging words or quotes on the feathers.

There are little more than 500 feathers total that make up the rainbow-colored set of wings that are mounted in the Upland Heights cafeteria.

“I am so pleased with the work of the students and can’t wait to see the pictures teachers will be taking of the students in front of their masterpiece,” said Jeter.