TVMS Students Make Science Make Sense

DSC_0898Students in eighth grade science classes at Terra Vista Middle School recently participated in a unique DNA extraction experiment thanks to their teacher Mr. Colby Sharp and Bayer CropScience.

October 19-23 is slated as Ag Literacy Week so Bayer CropScience reached out to local schools to see if they would allow them to visit a few classes and showcase some of what they do right here in Lubbock.

The start of the experiment began when students each received half of a strawberry in a Ziploc bag. After much discussion of what DNA is and what it is made of the science began. Students were asked to crush their strawberry up in the baggie and once it was mush salt water and dishwashing soap were added to the mashed strawberry.

DSC_0881After creating a funnel from a coffee filter the students extracted the pulp and seeds from their mixture and were left with a red liquid in their test tubes. Ice cold rubbing alcohol was carefully added to the solution and within seconds the students were able to see the web-like strands of DNA from their strawberry. The ladies from Bayer even brought small containers so each student could carefully remove the DNA and take it with them.

This was a very hands-on learning experience for the students at TVMS and a big thank you is extended to Bayer CropScience for engaging the students and providing them with this opportunity through their Making Science Make Sense Program.