TTU Softball Teaching More Than How To Win A Game

DSC_0962Being a part of a team is not the always the easiest task. You are typically thrown together with individuals  you are unfamiliar with, different personality types and different styles of accomplishing a task. However, working with a team is something we all have to do throughout our lives whether that is through work, sports or even in your own family.

Members from the Texas Tech Softball Team recently had a chance to address this topic with the 5th Grade girls at Oak Ridge Elementary. As these students are preparing to leave elementary school and move on to middle school they will be faced with working with new teams and the challenges that come along with that.

DSC_0963The TTU Softball Team began their morning of instruction by having the girls create a giant circle. One at a time the students entered the circle and had to receive three genuine compliments before they could exit. This exercise went on for about 15 girls and showed everyone how one kind word could change a person’s day.

After the group activity the girls were divided into four smaller groups to work one-on-one with the ladies of TTU. The girls covered the importance of addressing a problem in a productive way and how to not offend someone just because they have a different way of approaching a situation. The day brought a lot of insight into some of the situations that might arise in middle school and for all the girls to remember they are part of a team!