By Allison Robertson

Legacy Elementary Music teacher, April Tryon, believes The Frenship Way is more than just a phrase. The concept struck a chord in her heart, and she decided to use her passion and talent to write a song on how to SERVE: smile, engage, respect, volunteer and encourage.

“Music is such a uniting force,” Tryon said. “When we sing together, it unites us in a special way.” So began the start of a new anthem at Legacy.

Mrs. Tryon wanted students to understand The Frenship Way through different outlets. Music just happened to be her forte. With lyrics like, “The Frenship Way, we serve each other. The Frenship Way, we serve our communities,” and “We rise together,” students have not only been told about the model, but have heard and applied lyrics and gestures to it as well.

“When we focus more on the behaviors we would like to see, then we will notice them more frequently,” Tryon said. “Students will rise to meet those expectations and start noticing them in each other.”

Mrs. Tryon has taught this song to every student at Legacy and incorporates the SERVE model in all of her classes. “Students remember things better when it’s put to music,” she said. “Throughout music class, students point out when The Frenship Way is exemplified.”

Mrs. Tryon, her creative song, and her classroom expectations are genuinely giving life to The Frenship Way at Legacy.