Terra Vista Students Find a “New Love” for Reading

Terra Vista Middle School students in Mrs. Woolbright’s and Ms. Davis’ classes used the library on Wednesday to go speed dating- with BOOKS that is! Students went on five book speed dates to help them find a “new love interest”.

Students spent 3 minutes “getting to know” a recommended book. After the date, the students spent time reflecting on the book. If the book sparked chemistry within the student, then they were allowed to take it on a second date by checking it out from the library. There was also a table dedicated to double dates where students could partner with a friend and read the same book.

The final “date” option included a table that was filled with recommended books from the librarian, Mrs. Kosev, that were wrapped to disguise the cover. These books were “blind dates” as the students could not open the book before checking it out!

Overall most of the students found a new book to take home and get to know, and EVERYONE was exposed to new genres and titles.