Students ‘Seek Perfection…Capture Excellence’ at GT Leadership Summit

The summit is for fifth grade students to help foster leadership and collaborative skills that will make them successful in their future careers.2016-gt-leadership-summit-3

Passionate learners, effective communicators, responsible citizens and academically equipped graduates are just a few qualities of Frenship ISD students aspire to be. In a district that “seeks perfection” and “captures excellence,” Frenship offers opportunities to prepare students for life beyond high school, including its GT Leadership Summit for fifth grade students.

On Friday (Nov. 18), 82 fifth graders visited the Casey Administration building to hear from guest speakers and Frenship faculty to teach teamwork, leadership, becoming a responsible “digital citizen” and preparing for future careers.

During lunch, Lubbock Police Department’s Chief Greg Stevens visited the summit to speak to the students about how teamwork is vital for everyone to succeed.

“We need each other’s help,” he said. “It takes all of us in a collective effort to organize systems to get things done.”

2016-gt-leadership-summit-12The guest speakers bring in an outside viewpoint surrounding each of the sessions as well as being able to put these skills into context. The speakers authentically show the importance of leadership skills in real world careers as they offer their experiences and expertise.

“Ultimately, we’d like these creative problem-solvers to be at the forefront of innovation in the future and foster collaborative skills that will make them successful at working in teams in future careers,” said Gail Smith, coordinator of science for Frenship’s Curriculum and Instruction.

The day was full of sessions and activities for students to assist in learning how to communicate with one another as a leader and team as well as learning from a variety of speakers, including:

  • Gloria Gonzales, director of the United Future Leaders program at the Texas Tech Center for Adolescent Resilincy
  • Amy Baker, Frenship’s Career and Technology Education coordinator
  • Todd Wyrick, general manager for Lubbock’s Spirit Ranch
  • Johnny Kissko, Frenship’s Instructional Technology coordinator

Thank you to all of the guest speaker and administrative staff for planning such a wonderful day for our Frenship students.