See A Penny – Pick It Up For Miracles

DSC_0723Pennies are typically something most of us can do without. They are often found in the couch cushions at home or under our car seats. A penny by itself is often something we don’t give much thought to in our daily routine.

Good thing that the students of Crestview Elementary think differently than most of us. Through the Miracle Pennies Campaign, hosted nationally by the Children’s Miracle Network, Crestview made a big statement about the significance of a penny. The Miracle Pennies Campaign is run as a way to get schools involved in helping out their area Children’s Miracle Network hospital and a way students get educated on the importance of these facilities in their communities.

After several weeks of Penny Wars, dress up days and just straight donations; Crestview raised $5,585 for University Medical Center’s CMN Program. Since this outstanding number was raised the campus administration decided to treat their students to a celebration. On Monday afternoon students were escorted to the cafeteria for an afternoon dance party. Local DJ’s from 104.9 The Beat hosted a private dance party for the students of Crestview.

The generosity shown by the Crestview community will help create many more miracles on the South Plains. Way To Go Crestview!