Reese Students Enjoy Special Concert Performance

DSC_0934Students at Reese Education Center had a very special guest perform for them as well as listened to him discuss the importance of making positive choices for their lives yesterday afternoon.

Motivational songwriter and performer Marty Breeze held a special performance for the students and staff of Reese playing original songs, American classics such as Sweet Home Alabama, but most importantly talking to the students about having a dream. Along with his tremendous talent for music, Breeze let the students know that his greatest accomplishments in life have been his six children and his beautiful wife.

After playing several songs, Breeze asked the students to really consider the dreams and goals they want for their lives and to realize that every decision they make now either places them one step closer to that dream or sets them back. He encouraged the students to look around the room and see that every teacher at the Reese campus is there because they care for and believe in each of them.

The students enjoyed the music and outstanding guitar playing skills of Mr. Breeze but left with several big concepts to hopefully keep them thinking about the great things they can accomplish.