Reese Education Center Adopts New Theme for 2018-2019 School Year

A cobblestone path constructed out of paper currently lines the main hallway of Reese Education Center. Die-cut feet bearing the names of students and an earned credit are stapled to the path in a visual illustration of forward progress.

The path and the feet are representative of Reese Education Center’s theme for this year: “Steps to Success”.

At the beginning of the 2018 school year, each student at Reese wrote their goals for the school year to hang on their classroom walls. Most students focused their goals on earning credits toward their diploma. As students make a step toward their goal by completing a class, the student receives a footprint with the name of the course they earned the credit. The student takes the footprint and places it on the cobble stone path.

“The purpose of the “Steps to Success” is to help students learn the importance of setting personal goals and keeping track of how they are meeting the goals,” explained Reese Education Center Principal Stephanie Spear. “Students have ownership of their learning through the process of setting their own goals and monitoring their goals throughout the year.”