Upland Heights Teacher GreetingsHaving a good start to your day can make a difference in your attitude towards yourself and to others. Three teachers at Upland Heights Elementary know just how important it is to make their classrooms a safe haven for their students and have implemented something new this year.

At the beginning of every day, students have a special one-on-one interaction with their teacher. Mrs. Molina and Mrs. Morris have a special handshake with each of their third-grade students that they do every morning before walking through the door to the classroom.
Upland Heights Teacher GreetingsKindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brady, has options of different greetings for her students to choose from. As they arrive at class, they choose if they need a hug, a high five or even a little dance to start their day.
These teachers are ensuring that each of their students has a special start to their day and a personal relationship with their teacher. Making sure everyone is taken care of is a great way to serve one another.