Oak Ridge Lends a Hand to the Texas Boys’ Ranch

DSC_0184In third grade social studies, at Oak Ridge Elementary, students study ways to serve the community.  Social Studies teachers Melanie Morrison and Beth Jack asked their students what they could do to help others in the local community and they started brainstorming.  The kids really wanted to help other children, and this is how the decision was made to help the children at the Texas Boys’ Ranch.  The third grade classes quickly decided that they could make a much greater impact if the entire school was involved, so flyers were made and sent home asking all of Oak Ridge to bring gently used clothing, shoes, and baby items.

The response was amazing! The students were very excited to see that even as children, they are able to help others.  Logan said, “I feel like I did something good. The kids will have more clothes and a better life.”  Camden replied, “It’s important because they might need the warm clothes when it gets cold,”  and Shelby said, “It felt nice.  It made me feel good helping people out and people were very generous!”

Michael Nudelman and Jay Hanley, representatives from Texas Boys’ Ranch, came to accept the donations.  They filled two SUVs completely withsacks and boxes full of the donations that had been collected over a two week period.  They were very complimentary to the students and told them how thankful they were and how much the kids would appreciate their donations.

This project has helped students see some of the great needs in the community, and more importantly that they can work together to meet those needs.   It also has helped them to see that what they learn in the walls of their classroom can be carried out into the real world and have an impact on others.