North Ridge ‘Grows for it’ in New Initiative

The new initiative was implemented to bring the growth mindset to students.

NR-Grow-For-It-1In an effort to create a fun atmosphere centered around growth, North Ridge recently implemented a new initiative called “Grow for it” to teach students to work in teams and help each other grow academically, personally and more.

With the idea that “teamwork makes the dream work,” each classroom teacher in grades 3-5 chose three team leaders, then assigned players to each team. By grouping students into teams, it allows them to take ownership of their own learning, makes them accountable and also empowers them.

Once the teams were created, the students set their own goals and earn points in a friendly competition if they meet their goals. Students can earn points for A/B report cards, attendance, good behavior, and ultimately, a demonstration of growth.

The data/points students earn is displayed throughout the hallways of North Ridge, and every week a team is chosen as the weekly winner who has the most points. The weekly winners receive a trophy called the “Growphy.”

At the end of the spring semester, there will be an overall winner for the team who showed the most growth. This team will receive a grand prize for their work and growth during the initiative.