Bridget Turner, the Library Media Specialist at North Ridge, decided to brighten up the library but wanted to find a way to involve the students. After getting some inspiration from various elementary library blogs, Turner joined forces with Kelly Hunter, the art teacher at North Ridge, and put together an art project for the students.

Students selected by Hunter were given a bookend and asked to paint it with their favorite book in mind. The students had creative freedom over their artwork, some students chose to paint a likeness of the cover of their favorite book, while others chose to paint their favorite characters or scene.

Turner believes this project is a great way for teachers and peers to recognize the students’ creativity. There are currently 20 painted bookends adorning the shelves at North Ridge, with several more in the process of being decorated.

“The students are very proud to see their artwork in the library,” said Turner. “The younger students love the colorful addition to the bookshelves.”