North Ridge Elementary Hosts Special Visitors

Students at North Ridge Elementary were afforded a unique opportunity when athletes from Texas Tech University paid them a special visit. Taryn Lackey, kindergarten teacher at North Ridge, has a connection to the TTU athletics department and was able to arrange the visit.

During the morning, two TTU womens soccer players, Hannah Fernandez and Mary Heiberger, came to Lackey’s classroom to read The Tiny Snowflake to the students. After they read, they helped the students make homemade snowflakes to be displayed in their classroom.

In the afternoon, TTU quarterback, Alan Bowman, came to read and speak to all of Kinderland. He read Hello Masked Rider and Santa is Coming to Lubbock. The students then got to ask him questions in a question/answer forum.

Lastly, Bowman went to each kinder classroom, took pictures and signed autographs for a few students who brought items.

“He is an amazing young man and the students were in awe of him,” said Lackey. “It was magical.”

Under FISD’s 2016 Strategic Plan, two of the measurables include:

  • All learners will engage in meaningful, relevant, hands-on learning experiences
  • All learners will be prepared for the college or career pathway of their choice

This experience gives North Ridge students exposure to what college looks like. These Tech athletes have worked hard to earn the position they’re in and this gives them the opportunity to make personal connections with young students who may aspire to achieve the same heights some day.