North Ridge Book Fair Excites Students About Reading Heading Into Summer Break

To close up North Ridge’s year of reading, and tie all the lessons together, fourth grade students had a Reading Book Fair.  Students were given the choice of reading any fiction book on their reading level (some chose to read independently, some read with a partner).  They then created a tri-fold display board to showcase what they read. Their board had to contain different story elements that they have been working on throughout the year: theme, author’s purpose, summary, characters, etc.  Students were then given the opportunity to present their board to students throughout the school that came for tours. Many comments were received from both students AND parents about how much fun they had creating their display boards.

North Ridge Library Media Specialist Bridgett Turner also heard several of the students in the school say, “That one looks like a book I want to read.”  The students put a lot of effort into their boards and their presentations, and the outcome was pure reading fun!!