No Excuses University Celebrated at Willow Bend

DSC00451College cheer bells were ringing at Willow Bend, well maybe just the Saddle Tramps.  On the evening of Tuesday, May 5,  a parent/family training event was held at No Excuses University, also known as the Willow Bend Campus.  Many local college teams and organizations traveled to the campus to make the night exceptionally fun.  The festivities began with a short power point training on what NEU is, accompanied by a dinner. After their meal the guests moved throughout the campus in rotations.  Students made graduation hats and had their faces painted with college symbols to add to the college excitement.

Some of the collegiate participants included the Texas Tech Saddle Tramps, Masked Rider and Hockey Team; the Lubbock Christian University Golf Team and various Greek Life Organizations. The event even had recruiters from colleges their to visit with parents about going back to school!

The NEU initiative is to inform students in elementary, middle school and high school that higher education is possible for any student who wishes to seek it. The purpose of NEU is to start preparing students now for what to expect after they graduate high school, and leave no questions unanswered on what to do next.

The Willow Bend Campus has done an exceptional job of hosting NEU projects throughout the school year and they are excited to continue with the project for the 2015-2016 school year.