Frenship ISD and Aramark are excited to announce a new partnership with Nutrislice, an easy to use tool that allows parents to check the nutrition and ingredients of each food on the school menu.

At the click of a button, parents can now take an in-depth look at what their children are eating and filter for allergen and intolerances.

How it Works: Each campus has an interactive menu that breaks down every item in the meal. By going to the Frenship ISD Nutrislice page, a parent can choose their campus to view the weekly breakfast and lunch menus.

Nutrislice allows the parent to click the individual food item to see the ingredients and nutritional information. Parents can filter their searches to show foods that have allergens such as milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, fish and other items. The new tool also has an easy to use and printable Carbohydrate Counter that displays every food item’s carbohydrate information.

Easy and Efficient: By joining Nutrislice, Frenship and Aramark are providing parents easy access to what their children are eating. The innovative site is convenient and allows parents to have valuable information at their fingertips to make informed decisions about their child’s school lunches.

How to Download: The Frenship Nutrislice page can be accessed through a website or smartphone app.

Click here to view the desktop version:

To download the app in the App Store:

To download the app in Google Play: