Musical Chairs Makes Reading Fun!

By Angela Howard

Kindergarten students at Westwind Elementary came in to a surprise in the library during their story time.

Media specialist and librarian, Mrs. Howard, had placed chairs in a large circle with books on each chair. When students arrived, they sat on the rug in the middle of the group of chairs and pretended they were in a reading fort. There they listened to a story and learned the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

Then the game began. Each student stood in front of a chair that had a book on it. When the music started, they marched around the chairs and books. When the music stopped, they stopped in front of a chair, opened the book, and looked at it in depth. They had to tell whether the book they were holding was fiction or non-fiction.

When the music began again, they marched around the chairs once more stopping at a book when the music stopped. Each time around, they looked inside their books and told what genre the book was. On the very last round, students were able to check out the book on their chair or pick a non-fiction book of the shelf.