Middle School Students Across FISD Relive History

DSC_0763Frenship 8th grade students have been hard at work on a History Fair Project since completing the 8th Social Studies STAAR test at the end of April. Every 8th grade student in the district  was asked to select a topic that had been discussed this year (new world explorers/exploration, 1400’s-the end of Reconstruction, 1877, etc.) and research it in order to be able to write a 4-5 paragraph summary of their topic. Once that was complete they were then instructed to write a paragraph to one page paper explaining their topic’s historical significance, as well as be able to give an oral presentation over their topic.

The students were then asked by the Middle School Social Studies Department Leadership to put together a trifold board with their title, summary, historical significance, four pictures and up to three other elements such as quotes, a timeline, art, literature, maps, etc. The students presented their projects to their social studies classes and were graded using a rubric to determine points earned for their project and presentation skills.

DSC_0764The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners from each class received a ribbon. The first place boards from each social studies class were displayed in their respective school library for a couple of days. The campus assistance principals were then asked to judge the projects to determine the campus 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners, who received an even larger ribbon.

Once all that grading had been determined, the projects then traveled to the Casey Administration Building where they were judged by three of the middle schools assistant principals and the FHS History Department Head to determine the Grand Champion and the subsequent  places. After much consideration and deliberation we are pleased to announce the winners:

Grand Champion

Zach Sims – TVMS

2nd Place

Griffin Crume – FMS

3rd Place

Luke Smith – FMS

Honorable Mention (In Alphabetical Order)

Madison Brown – HMS

Billy Gilbreath – HMS

Mikala Holmes – FMS

Kathleen Jurecka – HMS

Josh Kennedy – HMS

Victorya Pesina – TVMS

Monica Saso – FMS