Metro Rotary Provides Items for Westwind Hygiene Pantry

rotary-clubFrenship ISD’s Westwind Elementary has a wonderful personal hygiene pantry on campus that was made possible by the Metropolitan Lubbock Rotary Club.  Westwind recently received a grant from Rotary that provides everything from soap, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste and shampoo to undergarments and hair accessories to provide for families who may need these items.

When many Frenship families lost their homes due to the apartment complex that caught fire, Westwind was able to ease some of the frustrations by providing the families with the personal hygiene items.  For the past year and a half since the apartment fire, the Metropolitan Lubbock Rotary Club has continued to stock Westwind’s panty.

“It has been a blessing for our families,” says Qualimetra Chapman, counselor at Westiwnd.  “It’s precious when we give a brand of lotion or soap that the student hasn’t tried before. They love to come and ‘review’ their new favorites.  I am grateful for the Rotary Club and their generosity!”

When students who are in the Westwind backpack program pick up their food bags, Chapman finds out if they are in need of any items in the hygiene pantry.  If so, Chapman adds the needed items in their backpack.  These items also come in handy for Westwind’s school nurse.  Students are also welcome to request items at any time.

*pictured left to right are Metro Rotary President SarahLee Morris, Westwind counselor Qualimetra Chapman, and Metro Rotary Treasurer Bonnie Schwarzentraub